Thursday, March 12, 2009

Children are adorable everywhere!

Almost every weekday morning, I leave my house in Liberté 3 at 8am. On my way past the stadium down to the main road, I usually pass a dad walking his 3- or 4-year-old daughter to school. Like most students here, she wears a school uniform. Her school must be a Muslim school, because along with the usual jumper, she also wears the Muslim headscarf (that most Muslims here don't wear). For the first month, she just stared at me when I passed her. (I might be the only white person she's ever seen.) Now, when I wave, she giggles and sometimes even waves back.

This morning, I passed the two of them as usual, but they were in the midst of a major fight, most of it totally unintelligible to me because it's in Wolof. Then, I see her stomp off (like a girl who is 4 going on 15) and whip three braids out of her headscarf so they are sticking straight out from her head in front of her face and so everyone can see the pretty pink beads on the ends of her braids. It made me happy. Kids are adorable everywhere!

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Susan Ruosu said...

This is so cute. Hahahaha.